AZIMUTH real-time robot guidance

There are thousands of static robotic applications deployed on production floors. They have been accurately programmed, but yet they are not accurate for one of the reasons:

Why do industrial robots need to be guided?

Product tolerances, the dimensions differ from product to product

The part can be placed inaccurately or in multiple ways in the position

Parts from a soft material (rubber, soft plastic, paper) can change its shape and dimensions

Exact position adjusted in real-time

The vision system helps to adjust the exact position. The position can be fine-tuned in real time, based on the position of the robot tool in regards with the corrected target point. The system may change the path in all directions as well as the rotation in all axes.

Robotic tool adjustment can be applied to the following examples:

  1. Dispensing of glue or sealer
  2. Finding the exact spot for spot welding
  3. Adjusting the path during the seam welding
  4. Fine tuning the grinding, edging or milling positions

During the process, the quality can be checked once the glue, sealer is applied or welded.