GRASP faster bin picking

The holy grail of robotics is the GRASP. The best way how to grasp randomly scattered parts from a box. Firmly, accurately and with a fast cycle time.

GRASP knows how each part is grasped, by which picking point and from which direction. Firm and precise grasping is important for speedy robotic manipulation and short cycle times.

Key Features

Fast cycle time

Compact → can be placed on the robot flange

Gripping position is known → no need for regripping

Fast & easy implementation → quick change to a new product

Picking can be combined with fine surface inspection

Robust to changing light conditions, poor light or direct sun

Works with any material, including shiny and dark surfaces

Only one system is needed for several boxes when placed on a robot

No lasers or infrared → safe and collaborative

You profit from a bin picking solution prepared for your parts. No setup, no clicking, no integration.

How much time do your robotic cell designers and robot programmers spend with setting up the robot, 3D camera and vision applications?

  • SANEZOO GRASP is unlocking these limitations, which leads to the new world of potential applications.
  • SANEZOO GRASP guides the robot precisely and identifies the optimum picking point and a collision-free path.
  • By default, the SANEZOO 3D camera is placed on the robotic flange and can take a snapshot of the contents of the box with a single shot.
  • Potential collisions with other parts, container, robot and environment are computed for each move.
  • Dense high resolution point clouds (3D representation of the scene) allow for precise 3D matching of the parts.

Send us a box with your parts and we will perform the bin picking test application.

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