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About Us

We define new horizons in AI robot guidance & 3D vision inspection


SANEZOO is an innovative and high tech solution provider for 3D inspection and robot guidance. With our products we maximize the distinctiveness and accuracy of the results. By using the progressive technologies we make industrial robots faster and smarter.

Our solutions automate manual labor for tasks where robotic automation was not possible or where speed or accuracy is important.

At SANEZOO, we're at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, specializing in innovative solutions for advanced machine vision and robotic guidance. With a dedicated team of experts, we've pioneered a range of products that revolutionize the way industries handle quality control, robotic guidance, and parts inspection. Our mission is to provide unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, delivering state-of-the-art solutions tailored to diverse industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, and manufacturing. Committed to excellence, we continually push boundaries, striving to exceed expectations and redefine industry standards. Partner with us for visionary technology that transforms the future of automation

SANEZOO addresses applications where other solutions fail.

About Us

Why sanezoo

SANEZOO, the name of our company, was invented right at its foundation.


The word SANE stands for our highly innovative and lucid solutions, but at the same time realistic, reliable and practical. Deploying such solutions make perfect sense for customers, bring them significant improvements and a decent return on investment.


The word ZOO stands for a group of lively and smart robots (and autonomously operating machines), which can be utilized in a wide spectrum of industrial habitats.

Our Team

The team of SANEZOO is full of R&D specialists including AI experts, machine vision experts, robotics experts, hardware designers, mechanical engineers, applied mathematicians, software developers, firmware developers and user interface developers.

SANEZOO also employs a number of PhDs, PhD candidates, postgraduate and undergraduate interns, many of them cooperate on our most challenging tasks, sourcing their expertise from their research at a university.

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The electronics and mechanical parts are manufactured by our suppliers and our partners,
while design, programming and final assembly of our products is done inhouse.

SANEZOO works with robotic integrators, machine vision integrators, solution implementers and machine builders.