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Explore the endless possibilities of SANEZOO's cutting-edge technologies, designed to revolutionize various industries.

From automotive manufacturing to aerospace, our advanced solutions redefine precision, efficiency, and quality in diverse applications. Discover how our innovative products elevate production lines, enhance quality control, and automate complex inspection tasks with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Unleash the power of SANEZOO solutions to optimize your manufacturing processes and redefine industry standards.

Use Cases

Use cases for visual inspection with unity

  • Milled Surface Inspection

    Achieving consistent and accurate inspection on these surfaces requires overcoming difficulties in illuminating irregular contours and effectively capturing fine details, often impacted by reflections, shadows, and the surface's topography.
    Developing robust inspection methods for milled surfaces demands innovative techniques to mitigate these complexities and ensure comprehensive assessment without compromising precision.

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  • Pressed Metal Inspection

    Achieving precise quality control on these surfaces requires methods to discern between surface irregularities and intended design features while considering potential warping. The assessment of pressed metal surfaces is further complicated by their reflective nature, causing challenges in detecting defects due to glare and reflections. The complexity lies in detecting imperfections hidden within the geometry, demanding advanced imaging technologies capable of identifying subtle defects accurately.

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  • Paint & Coating Inspection

    Inspecting painted and coated surfaces presents complexities due to the need for precision in identifying defects while considering variations in coating quality, color, and texture. The inspection process must navigate through challenges like concealing defects within the coating, irregularities in application, and environmental impacts, requiring specialized methods to ensure comprehensive defect detection despite these variables. Furthermore, the reflective properties and varying textures of paints and coatings add another layer of difficulty to accurately identifying defects.

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  • Material Applied to Glass Inspection

    Examining materials applied to glass demands specialized inspection methods due to their transparent nature, making defects less visible. Challenges include irregularities in thickness, embedded foreign particles, air pockets, and folded sections within the material. Manipulating color spectrum through advanced camera technology aids in highlighting imperfections that might be otherwise challenging to discern, ensuring comprehensive defect detection on transparent surfaces.

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  • CNC Turning Inspection

    Inspecting CNC turned surfaces necessitates a specialized approach due to their reflective cylindrical exteriors, creating challenging reflections and making defect detection complex. The intricate shape of these surfaces demands capturing images from various angles to cover the entire surface accurately. Advanced camera systems are utilized to eliminate glare and shadows, enabling precise defect detection, especially in identifying imperfections like porosity, burrs, scratches, or dents. This innovative technology ensures meticulous defect identification and contributes to a rigorous quality control process in manufacturing.

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  • Internal Surface Inspection

    Examining internal surfaces poses unique challenges due to restricted access, lighting constraints, and complex part geometry. Deploying miniaturized borescopes enables detailed exploration, identifying defects such as irregularities, scratches, or hidden imperfections within intricate parts. These images create a comprehensive map of the internal surface, facilitating precise defect detection and enhancing the effectiveness of quality control processes in manufacturing.

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Use cases for Picking & feeding with grasp

Use cases for Picking & feeding with grasp Use cases for Picking & feeding with grasp

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