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Surface quality inspection

Unity is an innovative solution tailored for the manufacturing industry that sets a new standard for robust quality control. Equipped with proprietary hardware and software, our innovative Unity system provides unsurpassed accuracy and performance in product quality assurance.

Unmatched quality: Unity ensures excellent product quality control
while minimizing production costs.

Industry-tailored: Specifically designed for the manufacturing industry, it tackles specific quality control challenges.

Accuracy and reliability: Ensures consistent and reliable evaluation
under variable conditions, eliminating differences.

  • Excels on All Surface Types
  • Integrates Easily In One Day
  • Error-free Defect Detection
  • Adaptive AI & Machine Vision
  • Minimizes False Alarms
  • Various Industries
Resolution up to 25 MPix

Resolution up to 25 MPix

Equipped with a high-resolution camera to perfectly interpret every detail, even on the tiniest parts.

Detected defects > 99.998 %

Detected defects > 99.998 %

Prepared to automatically detect numerous defects with exceptional accuracy on various surfaces.

False alarm rate < 1 %

False alarm rate < 1 %

Smart decision engine guarantees a fast response while maintaining a low false alarm rate.

UNITY gallery

Perfectly matched elements

Perfectly matched elements Perfectly matched elements

Resistant to imperfect positioning by manipulators, robots and automation mechanisms.


Resistant to ambient lighting. No problem with changing light.


Resistant to vibrations.

Suitable for Any Surface, Shiny or Matte

SANEZOO UNITY is a versatile solution for quality control on various surfaces, including shiny or matte materials, highly reflective surfaces like metal sheets, glass, and plastics, and it can detect imperfections of different shapes in random positions.

Suitable for Any Surface, Shiny or Matte Suitable for Any Surface, Shiny or Matte

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