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Precise Picking & Feeding

Grasp is a revolutionary system designed for perfect part handling using robotic guidance in 3D space. This innovative system acquires 3D scenes, identifies objects and their positions, and optimizes collision-free trajectories for efficient lifting and handling of parts.

Flexibility and speed of implementation:Grasp can be deployed and integrated into operations in a matter of hours, providing a fast and flexible solution for flexible production needs.

Optimization in different environments: it can handle a variety of materials and surfaces, including glossy, matte, and complex surfaces in the automotive, electronics, or medical industries.


  • 3D System for Any Components
  • Adaptive AI & Machine Vision
  • Calculates Full Robot Trajectory
  • Easily Copes with Reflective Parts
  • Integrates Easily in One Day
  • One Size Fits All
Precise Trajectory Generation

Precise Trajectory Generation

Grasp can calculate and optimize full collision-free trajectories for lifting parts, allowing the robot to make smooth and precise movements.

Dealing with Random Obstacles

Dealing with Random Obstacles

The Grasp system handles parts handling even in the event of unexpected obstacles, minimizing process interruptions

Independence of the Manufacturer

Independence of the Manufacturer

SANEZOO Grasp is designed to be manufacturer-independent, allowing it to be used with different types of robots

GRASP gallery

Automatically calculates entire trajectories

-creates routes from start to finish on the fly
-can guide from the final position directly inside the box
-knows grip position oriented placement

Automatically calculates entire trajectories Automatically calculates entire trajectories
One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All

Universal for containers of all sizes From small crates to net pallets Handles even very small parts in large containers

ALWAYS in Focus

ALWAYS in Focus

The SANEZOO system can accurately collect parts from the top and bottom of very deep containers. The image remains perfectly sharp due to the constant working distance.

Consistently Reliable  in all Lighting Conditions

Consistently Reliable in all Lighting Conditions

From total darkness to direct sunlight Unaffected by variations in lighting conditions, it guarantees stability day and night, even in extreme light or darkness.

Suitable for any component

SANEZOO GRASP works like a pair of eyes. You don't need projectors or lasers. Ideal for metal, machined, glossy or matte parts
and scenes with multiple materials in the field of view.

-any size from 5 mm up
-geometric or complex shapes

Suitable for any component Suitable for any component

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