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CNC Turning Inspection


Manges Mirror-Like Surfaces of Comprehensive Rotary Parts

Ensuring the quality control of rotary surfaces, especially those with highly reflective cylindrical exteriors, demands a sophisticated approach. The exceptional shine of these surfaces can create challenging reflections, making defect detection a complex task.

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CNC Turining Defect Detention: possibilities and Process


Linear marks on the shiny surface caused by abrasive contact.


Depressions or small indentations in the surface.

Polishing Defects

Irregularities or uneven politishing on the surface.

Surface Contamination

Foreign particles or substances adhering to the surface.

Dimensional Inaccuracy

Parts not meeting specified dimensions or having deviations.

Inspecting rotary surfaces, particularly very shiny inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, presents a unique set of challenges. The reflective properties of these surfaces can create intense glare, making defect detection difficult. 

To overcome these challenges, advanced camera systems are programmed to capture images from all sides of the part, effectively creating a comprehensive map of its entire surface. These images are then processed in multiple layers to remove glare, ensuring a clear and accurate view of the part. This multi-layer approach eliminates the influence of reflections and shadows, allowing for precise and reliable defect detection. 

By thoroughly examining every aspect of the cylindrical component, this innovative technology ensures that even the subtlest imperfections, such as porosity, burrs, scratches, or dents, are detected with the utmost precision, contributing to a more rigorous and efficient quality control process in manufacturing. 

Emaples of defects detected on CNC turning surfaces.

Emaples of defects detected on CNC turning surfaces. Emaples of defects detected on CNC turning surfaces.

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