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Material Applied to Glass Inspection


Flawless Defect Detection on Transparent Surfaces

Challenges in defect detection on glass and materials applied to glass primarily stem from their transparency, which can make defects less visible.

Employing our camera technology equipped with advanced techniques to enhance color representation offers a solution to this challenge. By manipulating the color spectrum, the camera can highlight imperfections on transparent surfaces that might be otherwise difficult to discern.


Eliminate Unnecessities

By carefully adjusting the color balance and contrast, these enhances images effectively mitigate the impact of unwanted reflections and glare, while improving the visibility of possible defects.


Locate the material

Creating a surface map of aplied glass material involves capturing and combining multiple layers of images, enhancing the representation of the inspected material.

Material applied to glass Defect Detection: Possibilites and process

Uneven Coating

Irregularities in the thinckness of the aplied material.


Delamination or detachment of the applied material.


Foreign particles embedded in the material.


Uneven and folded sections on the surface.


Air pockets trapped within the applied material.


Long, thin lines affecting the material's appearance.

The inspection of materials applied to glass, such as paste or glue, is a crucial quality control process in various industries.

Inspecting materials applied to glass presents unique challenges due to their transparent nature. Detecting imperfections like bubbles, wrinkles, scratches, uneven coating, and other defects requires advanced techniques.

A camera is employed to capture high-resolution images, overcoming transparency issues. The images are then processed using specialized algorithms to color the material appropriately, eliminating glare and reflections. Multiple layers of images are combined to create a detailed surface map, enhancing the visibility of defects.

By ensuring that the materials are uniformly and flawlessly applied to glass surfaces, these inspection processes help maintain high standards of quality and reliability in end products.

Examples of detects detected on materials applied to glass

Examples of detects detected on materials applied to glass Examples of detects detected on materials applied to glass

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