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Computer Vision Developer (C++)


Now is your chance to become a computer vision expert and a valued member of our C++ team or computer vision team. You will interact with the team on a daily basis over challenges and their solutions, team members will push and enrich each other, advise each other and grow together so fast professionally. If you want, you will learn to program on the nVidia CUDA platform.

At SANEZOO you have the opportunity to be part of a global success story in robotics and machine vision. We develop unique solutions in robotic guidance and advanced image and 3D scene analysis using deep learning.

Right now, we are offering you the opportunity to work on a product that communicates with HW via drivers and that includes machine vision components and libraries. SANEZOO SW processes and analyzes images, plans collision-free robot trajectories, detects, segments and classifies objects, analyzes their features and potential defects.

We work on our own HW solutions, cameras, luminaires and embedded computers. It is important for us to develop our own stable SW and toolkit that are independent of other projects. The whole system then easily outperforms the competition technologically.

We have extensive experience in developing robotic applications, image processing applications in C++ and on the nVidia CUDA platform. Our research and prototyping is done in Python. We prefer Linux both for development and as the target environment for deploying our solution. Windows can also be used for development, but most of the team can assist you in Linux.

You will be able to fully adopt the technologies of the future. Machine vision, applied artificial intelligence and robotic guidance will become increasingly prevalent in all organisations and in the lives of all people. Our future clearly includes smart automation and image-enabled robotics.

We Require:

  • Demonstrable skills in C++11/14/17/20
  • Experience with image data processing
  • Knowledge of OpenCV libraries

Your Benefits:

  • Steep professional growth (deep learning, computer and machine vision, robotics, 3D image, parallel processing on CUDA platform) by working in a competent team
  • A great and very competent team from which you can learn a lot
  • Time freedom (full-time, part-time, time off for training and exams)
  • Bottomless organic coffee
  • Work in offices at the transport hub near the main railway station in Brno
  • Robots, 3D printer, cameras, lights and HW for training neural networks are available in our office
  • Gym with sauna, right above us (hopefully it will open again soon)
  • Mobile tariff with unlimited data without FUP

What Makes Us Different:

We're not a corporation, so you'll be able to consult and share your experience with a team of image analysis application developers and machine learning experts. You can suggest how you would like to implement the challenges and tasks within the team, consult with others and come up with workable solutions together.

How to Apply for This Position:

Send me a brief email at lubosb@sanezoo.com explaining why you're interested in this position. Please include your phone number, and we'll get back to you.