UNITY fine surface inspection

SANEZOO UNITY captures and evaluates surfaces of any kind, regardless of reflection or ambient light. Can find small defects and discontinuities like scratches, cracks, pores or other dents as well as various deformations, burrs, deposits or inclusions.

Pseudo-defects and false alarms are eliminated thanks to fine surface structure reconstruction where defects are emphasized and clearly distinguishable.

Key features

Eliminates light reflections on glossy and painted surfaces

Reconstructs a fine 3D surface structure, not visible by 3D cameras

Small scratches, cracks, dents, pores, burrs and other defects are clearly emphasized and precisely detected

Classifies defects by type and severity

Handles difficult surfaces like machined parts, milling marks and shiny materials

Non-defective anomalies do not cause false alarms or pseudo defects

Not effected by ambient light, can operate on direct sun

Works on a wide spectrum of materials

Safe, has no lasers or infrared

Covers a wide scale of resolutions

Shiny surfaces or ambient light? No problem!

SANEZOO UNITY excels in the  inspection of a material, which is highly reflective, anisotropic and produces irregular reflections on the surface with milling marks or other difficult surfaces. One of the challenges tackled was to handle anisotropic material, very frequent in the automotive industry.

  • Another challenge that SANEZOO UNITY addresses is the inspection of painted shiny surfaces with tiny or even “invisible” surface defects.
  • Our system is resistant to ambient light, so it doesn’t need to be covered by a black box as normally seen in many productions today.

Send us your defective parts and we will perform a camera test.